Interview w/ The Lamps

The Lamps are an Oklahoma City-based pop band, founded in 2017 by Audrey Oden (guitar/vocals), Lenora LaVictoire (bass/vocals), and Drake Yeager (drums).

photography Tim Buchanan questions Maddie Razook

photography Tim Buchanan
questions Maddie Razook

Favorite album of 2017?

Lenora: Bugg’s self-titled record. I’ve had (Do you) Wanna Go Out stuck in my head since the first time I heard it. 

Drake: I listened to Concealed Blade’s self titled LP sooooooo much. Incredible piece of music. 

Audrey: The best album of 2017 was a crow looked at me by mount eerie. There is something profound about the simplicity of the songwriting combined with the subject matter. Also, the forms of the songs are interesting because they are basically each just telling a story and not adhering to typical song forms.

What author/book has influenced you the most?

Lenora: I read a lot of sci-fi and with her death this year I picked up Ursula LeGuin’s Left Hand of Darkness. I love sci-fi because it takes you to worlds where all the things you were socialized to know and believe (gender, capitalism, sexuality) don’t exist and you can really feel how it would be to be absolutely free of those things.

Drake: I don’t really read at all, but I started reading Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman and it’s made me pretty comfortable with my sexuality. So, I’m gonna go with that. 

Audrey: Harry Potter. I love that shit.

What was the first concert you went to/how old were you?

Lenora: Steven Curtis Chapman, the christian singer, I think. I was probably six or seven. My sister and I fell asleep on my mom’s lap.

Drake: I saw The Foo Fighters when I was Eleven. It was badass. 

Audrey:  I can’t remember which band I saw first, but in middle school I went to see Foo Fighters and AC/DC with my mom.

You all have been a part of several bands/musical projects - what has been your favorite part about playing this particular style of music with the Lamps?

Lenora: I think its simplicity makes it very sincere. We were all friends before Lamps but it has no doubt made us really close. I like growing as a musician and learning with Audrey and Drake.

Drake: I love writing music with Audrey and Nora a whole lot. It’s just so easy and always fun. 

Audrey: My favorite part about writing music for this band is the style of writing I decided to explore. I pretty much confined myself to simple pop chord progressions and see what rhythmic or melodic aspects I can experiment with. 

What city are you most excited about visiting on your upcoming tour?

Lenora: Vancouver, I guess. I’ve never been but I’ve heard it’s really pretty.

Drake: I’m really stoked to go to Marfa, Texas again. 

Audrey: Denver, Colorado, which is our last stop on the tour. I might be moving there for graduate school in the fall so I’m excited to check out the music scene.

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